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Eddie Kantar is one of the best known bridge writers in the world. He has written some 25 bridge books and is also a regular contributor to the ACBL Bulletin, Bridge World, Bridge Today, and OKbridge. A two-time World Champion, Eddie is highly regarded as a player, and he competes regularly on the National level. He is known as one of bridge's great ambassadors. As a player Eddie gained stature by winning two World Championships, a dozen National Championships, and countless Regional and Sectional titles. His North American titles include the Spingold and Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams and the Grand National Teams. Eddie is a Grand Master in the World Bridge Federation rankings and an ACBL Grand Life Master with more than 10,000 master points. Today Eddie is best known as a writer and many of his books are considered classics nad he has won the American Bridge Teacher's Association award for Best Book of the Year 4 times.

In the world of contract bridge, there is no one who comes close to matching Mike Lawrence's combined record as a player, author, and teacher. Mike started playing bridge while attending the University of California. During a chemistry experiment, he caused an explosion which for three weeks meant he was unable to use his writing hand. The result was that he could not take his finals and was instructed to take them during the summer session instead. Not wishing to waste his time on campus, Mike discovered the card room where he proved more adept at bridge than he was as a chemistry student. It was not long before bridge became his major interest. As a player, Mike has won three world championships three times was second. In ACBL play, he as won over 20,000 masterpoints and more than twenty major National Championships, including more than ten wins in the Vanderbilt, Reisinger, and Spingold.

Kevin learned Bridge as a teenager by playing with his parents and siblings. As a player and coach, Kevin has won a North American Championship in the Lebhar Imp Pairs, has several other top 10 finishes in North American Bridge Championship events, earned a bronze medal for the United States in the 4th World Junior Bridge Championship, and is a former Coach and Captain of the United States Bridge Federation's Junior Team. He is a member of the American Contract Bridge League's Board of Governors. He enjoys playing and writing about Bridge and before becoming a bridge professional, he worked in the financial services industry. He is the creative force behind BridgeIQ+!

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